Western States update #4: Roes dropped #WS100

Back now after a few hours sleep! The big news it seems is that Roes has dropped, after falling back in the field quite a bit in the last few hours. Who knows why? He had a cold going into this (I know how he feels!), and that can really impact on you I guess when you’re running. A massive shame for him.

Kilian is still out front with Brits Jez Bragg (pictured) and Nick Clark (pictured) closely in pursuit (Go the Brits!). Hal Koerner, Mike Wolfe, Mike Foote (pictured) and Dave Mackey are all close behind too, it’s going to be a corker of a finish. Bragg is a real shot now. (credit for pics – @runningquest)

Andrew has slipped a few places during the night here in Australia and is currently 71st. Beth Cardelli is 17th in the women’s, Caroline Pivetta 24th and Robin Cameron 38th. GO AUSSIES!

If there’s any other runners that you’re following, be sure to let us know and tell us. We know most, but not all, particularly as we’re more ‘International’ based, so if you think some of the US runners need a shout out, we’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “Western States update #4: Roes dropped #WS100

  1. It’s 7:36 PM in Auburn California. Any ideal how long till to leader finishes? I live 5 miles from the finish line and am thinking of scooting over there.

  2. Hi Ed, we live in Australia! However, we think that Kilian and Mike Wolfe are on for a 15:20 finish, which would be an 8:20pm finish or thereabouts. Maybe get there for 8pm if you can… it’s sure to be a tight one!

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