Western States update #3 – Bragg leading #ws100

Out of nowhere, Jez Bragg is leading the WS100, after it appears the lead pack went slightly off course. This is not official, just something I saw on Twitter. however it would explain why Kilian and Nick Clark, along with Geoff Roes are now a few minutes behind the new ‘lead pack’.

It is still very early on though, but it’s looking good thus far for our predictions over here at Ultra168. Many US runners and commentators have forecast a US top 3, as you would naturally expect them too. However there’s going to be a serious challenge from the Brits we feel, namely Nick Clark, Jez Bragg, and if he can be in a good position come Forest Hill, Ian Sharman too. Indeed, if Ian is in the mix at Forest Hill, expect a strong finish from him, potentially a top 5. But it’s Bragg and Clark we have high hopes for.

We’ll still sticking by Kilian for a win and a new course record, but I’m oh so wary of the threat of Roes and his ability to just let it all play out in front of him, before striking hard at the end. One thing’s for sure, the finish is going to be brilliant.

From an Aussie perspective, both Andrew and Beth are still in solid positions. Andrew is currently riding 46th in the men’s, and is just getting warmed up. We’re confident of a top 20, fingers crossed!

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6 thoughts on “Western States update #3 – Bragg leading #ws100

  1. Many US runners and commentators predicted a top 3 US finish? I’ve been following the lead up to WS as closely as possible and no where did anyone predict Kilian (non US) out of the top 3.

    1. Hey Andrew, thanks for posting. You’re right, I stand corrected! It was only really AJW who had Kilian not in his top 3. That’s who I was thinking of. Thanks for reading our website, we appreciate comments, it’s turning out to be a really exciting race!

    2. Hey Andrew, thanks for posting. You’re right, it was only really AJW who had kilian not in his top 3. that’s who I was thinking of. Thanks fir reading .

    1. Hey Andy, thanks for posting. We’d love to have more comments and posts from guys you support. I’m not across all the runners, so appreciate your updates. Thanks for reading our website!

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