Western States Update #2

OK! So after quietly needing  change of underwear because Andrew wasn’t showing up, he’s now just shown up in 44th in the men’s and 55th overall and the leading Aussie so far, with Beth close behind him in 60th place (7th overall for the women) and 12 mins back.

Seems like a very solid start from the both of them. Nothing too crazy and we expect them to maintain this and then slowly move up the field as the carnage ahead of them unfolds. Andrew will be in a good place right now, he’s ticking over at 9kms per hour (ish), sure and steady.

As for the leaders, it’s still Kilian going strong at Duncan Canon, with Nick Clark in toe. Geoff Roes and Mike Wolfe are one minute behind, with Tim Olsen another minute behind in 5th. Dave Mackey has dropped a few places it seems. Jez Bragg is going strong for the Brits, so too is Ian Sharman, slowly moving up the field.

Here’s a pic from irunfar of Kilian at Duncan’s Canyon aid station. You can also see a video from the Salomon guys here, showing the lead pack

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4 thoughts on “Western States Update #2

  1. Thanks Matt… I knew Nick was a Brit 🙂 I forget sometimes as he lives over in the US and has both passports, but as a biased Englishman, we’ll certainly claim him today!

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