Western States Race Update #1

While it’s still very early doors, here’s a quick run down of how the race is currently taking shape. Kilian has taken the early lead and seems to be going out hard. It’s a bit of a who’s who of ultra running with Dave Mackey, Geoff Roes and Nick Clark bringing in the other places right now. Indeed, it’s playing out very much as we thought.

Kilian Jornet and Nick Clark – 3:14 time elapsed.

Geoff Roes and Mike Wolfe in together at 3:16 time elapsed.

Tim Olson at 3:16. Hal Koerner at 3:17. Adam Lint, Scott Jaime, Ryan Burch, and Mike Foote at 3:21. Shaun Pope at 3:22. Jez Bragg at 3:23.

Dave Mackey at 3:25. All these at 3:30: Dave James, Ian Sharman, Andy Jones-Wilkins, and Glen Redpath. Kaburaki at 3:31

Beth Cardelli is doing very well too, placing nicely in the top ten and flying the Aussie flag. No sign of Andrew yet… maybe his chip is bust?

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