News: Sydney 2 Melbourne update

As an aside from the Western States updates (because there’s going to be quite a few of those over the weekend), we thought we’d give you an update as to how our mates are doing as they run from Sydney to Melbourne.

Five days in, and the boys are sure to be involved with some ‘good hurtin’ as we like to say, maybe some ‘nasty hurtin’ if they’ve been speaking to our other mate, the Running Mad Kiwi, Gordi Kirkbank-Ellis.

The boys at Sydney's Botanical Gardens

The boys are running for a very good cause and have already smashed their targets, meaning they’ve upped them to to $4,000 to help save more species of plants for the Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation (read more here).

Right now, the boys are heading towards Albury and you can follow their progress on the spot tracker they’re carrying, which is here.

Good luck to them we say.

Running around 80kms a day on road is going to hurt by now and the hip flexors are such to be taking a pounding. If you can, support them with whatever you can, it’s a tough old journey and the boys are taking their own personal leave from work to do it.

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