Andrew receives a final pep talk from a LEGEND!

Well it is less than 24 hours until race day and the circus that is the check-in has begun. Andrew and I were able to time our registration so as not to spend too much time on our feet. The process included disclaimers, drop bags, video message, official photo, free gear, back pack pick up, weight, blood pressure and I was able to pick up my pacer number.

Later today the mandatory race briefing will begin and we will get to see last years Top 10 along with the first lottery draw for WS100 2012.

Is the time a good omen for Andrew?

Everyone is so so friendly and news of the minor Aussie invasion has spread to some of the legends of the sport. We caught up with the famous Tim Twietmeyer who was keen to give Andrew some last minute and wise advice. When a guy with 25 straight finishes under 24 hours plus 5 winners buckles is willing to give you his thoughts, you tend to listen and listen well ! Check out what he has to say…..

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One thought on “Andrew receives a final pep talk from a LEGEND!

  1. “oh yeah – don’t wear platform shoes on race day, they’ll just f&%k you right up”

    Hope your racing’s as good as your prep, Andrew & Marcus. I don’t think you’re going to be running all that much at night anyway. Kick much ass!

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