The Australians are coming part 1

Over the last 3 days Andrew and I have been checking out sections of the Western States 100 course we believe will provide him with crucial insights for a great race. The first of these sections was Foresthill to the Rucky Chucky River crossing. A spectacular downhill section of 26kms that often makes or breaks a runners race.

The race really does capture your every breathing moment and in the last couple of days the excitement factor is increasing. This may be in part to the rattlesnake and bear encounters (see video) but also the fact that every turn on the trail we bump into someone associated with the race who carries great knowledge and proven results. Long may this feeling last.

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2 thoughts on “The Australians are coming part 1

  1. Great travel diaries. I hope you’ve already used the pre-excuse that Western States isn’t really long enough to be your kind of race.

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