Changes to this years Western States 100 course

Andrew and I have continued our preparation for this years race with further exploration of the course. On this occasion we took a trip into the high country to check out the tri-canyon area and also to firm up on the rumours that the snows are too deep to go near Robinson Flat this year. On both accounts we can confirm that the canyons are extremely deep and impressive, each with distinctive characteristics to test each and every runner, whether it is the endless switchbacks on Devils Thumb or the open spaces on the climb to Michigan Bluff to scorch any unprepared runner in the middle of the day.

But, the real talking point this year has to be the snow. This part of California continued to receive unprecedented levels of snow into early June resulting in the ski resorts remaining open for the July 4th Long weekend. What does this mean for the runners ?

3 Miles from Robinson Flat

Without doubt there will be a change to the course. By how much, and what is the new route? is still to be determined. The video evidence below would suggest no visit to the iconic Robinson Flat for crew or runners this year. We patiently wait in Auburn for an update from the RD on the definitive route, but one thing is for sure Andrew and the rest of the competitors will endure a marathon on snow as their appetiser before moving on to the heat of the canyons !

I would also like to sing the praises of everyone involved in putting on this race. Apart from the obvious acts of god, namely the snow and high water in the American River The trails are in pristine condition simply as a result of the endless hours those who care about the trail and this race have put in over the last few weeks.

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4 thoughts on “Changes to this years Western States 100 course

  1. Keep up the great work. Fantastic to see parts of the course and hear the comments. I am always amazed at the race with snow and then extreme heat in the canyons.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ray, thanks for taking the time to have a look and visit the website. I think Andrew’s positively bouncing right now and there’s sure to be more updates coming shortly too. Hope you;re well and running well too. Happy Birthday as well 🙂

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