Mooney Mooney to Patonga

The biggest decision was choosing between my road shoes and gumboots. I wore my road shoes,not as good as my Cascadia’s in the mud but a little better on the wet rocks and timbers. Started off at 8.00am with the rain just hammering down. I made it to about 1km before I managed my first fall,slipped over in the mud. Running  between 1″ and 6″ of water for about 40% of the run isn’t as bad as it sounds. After awhile I reached the first campsite and go across the swinging bridge then climb up to the top ridge line. It is fairly  easy running until you reach the waterfall section which was12″ under water and flowing pretty well. Waded across the water to the second section of the waterfall which was 18″ under water. After making the climb out after the waterfall I was back on the fire trail which is nice to run along. The rain was pouring down by the time I reached the  10.5 km to marker to go (which is actually around 11.3 km’s to go ) and the running is at it’s easiest. The garbage tip didn’t smell today so that was nice. I crossed to the road leading up to the Trig and it was cut up from the traffic,the pigs would love it mud and slosh for 1.4km’s . Nice finishing down the cliff face to Patonga Beach as it always brings back memories of the GNW in November. Touched the sign post with the little man 2h 37m 36 sec.

Not far to Patonga - The finishing point of the GNW 100 miler
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2 thoughts on “Mooney Mooney to Patonga

    1. To Funny.Sorry Whippet it’s not 15 km’s it might feel like.You might be taking the long route.

      It is ok to touch the post BUT it is bad,bad luck to run on the sand along the beach front unless you are finishing the 100 miler.

      I hope you are well.Trying to convince myself to do the baby GOW event

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