Leeches and Stairs – January 2011 Training

Just getting back into it after 5 weeks of complete rest and recovery from GNW and C2K.

After performing my Western States trail service volunteer requirement at the Running Wild Kedumba Half marathon DJB, GDP and I headed off on a Burke and Wills type expedition. The mission – find Robertson’s Pass and work out where it goes.

Running the last leg of the North Face 100 course we took a left at GDP’s favourite spot “Inspiration Point” and headed off to find Robertson’s Pass. I was expecting a few more tea trees at this aptly named turnoff.
Tough little trail to pick up but we managed to link back through to Wentworth Pass and GDP’s other favourite ascent “Slacks Stairs”.

By the end of the run I was stuffed and even had a sleep on the way back in Dan’s car, the Wankel engine lulling me into a wonderfully light sleep.

Off to Victoria this weekend for a few hills. Loz and I are meeting up with Caroline Pivetta and Brian Jones. Caroline is also running Western States this year and BJ is a veteran. I am looking forward to running Quartz ridge again and spotting Brumbies.

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I'm a mediocre runner who can bat above his average when I train hard. A man of extremes, I do enjoy everything life offers and consider it an absolute pleasure just to be able to put one foot in front of the other and let my mind wander somewhere different.

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