U168 Supporters Club Terms & Conditions

  1. Your membership will last a period of 12 months from the day you sign up, after which time it will lapse. We’d love you to renew, email reminders will be sent.
  2. There is no limit to how many races you can enter or gear you want to buy with our partners, as long as it’s done with the time that your membership is valid for.
  3. If you’re already signed up for one of the races on offer you can’t retrofit your code to claim a discount, but you can use it for next year’s race.
  4. When you sign up, you’ll be given a unique code(s) you can use with our partners – this is NOT transferable to anyone. As and when you take advantage of our offers, your name will be checked against a list of people we have provided to our partners. There’s no escape!
  5. If we find out that any codes have been transferred, your membership will be cancelled with immediate effect and no refund will be given. You will also be banned for life for signing up. I operate on a ‘complete trust’ basis, if that trust is abused, then you’re banned. Simple.
  6. We will not share any personal information with any of our partners unless we have your consent to do so. For checking purposes, only your name and town/city will be shared with our partners to ensure the right people are accessing the deals we have put together.
  7. For Rapid Ascent Events, you can only claim one discount per race i.e. if you already claim a discount with AURA for any of the races mentioned above, you cannot claim both the AURA discount and the U168 discount as a combined discount. For the Surf Coast Century, the offer is also only for the 100km solo event.
  8. To claim your discount for Rapid Ascent events, you must firstly pay the full entry fee and you will be given your discount back in cash at race registration the day prior to the event. Please provide you name and membership number and this will be checked off against a list provided to the organisers.
  9. For the Heysen 105, you can only claim one discount i.e. if you already claim an AURA discount, you cannot claim the Ultra168 discount on top. The discount is only limited to solo entries in the 105.
  10. A small caveat for 100 CLUB members. If you decide that you no longer wish to carry on your membership, then I’ll be very sorry to see you go. However if you decide that you just want to ‘pause’ for a year, then you can do so by paying $5 to hold your spot in the 100 CLUB. If you decide that you wish to rejoin, I’ll simply knock that $5 off your next membership payment.
  11. Lastly is there is an event that you want to do, make sure it or the registration for it, falls within the 12 months that your membership lasts for.

Any questions or queries, email dan@ultra168.com