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Seven (light-hearted) Tips for Running in Winter

Dependent upon which hemisphere you reside in, this article will prove to be...

Are you Overtraining?

Today we welcome back one of our guest writers, Hanny Allston to our pages....

We Need To Talk About Getting More Women Into Ultra Running

Sitting in the athletes’ forum Q&A on Friday, the day before the...

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Seven (light-hearted) Tips for Running in Winter

Dependent upon which hemisphere you reside in, this article will prove to be...

Eight Tips For Racing Ultras

A little while ago we ran a little feature that looked at ten simple tips...

Pacers in Ultras – Should we or shouldn’t we?

Well.. should we or shouldn’t we?  On the one hand they’re a...

U168 Daily News - 16 April

Late Starters Run Faster In Older Years

Is it really true that people who start running later in life are able to run faster when they’re older? on 14 Apr 2014
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Money in Ultras

Few ultra races offer prize money, but that’s changing. Ultrarunning is a growing sport, and the options for racing have followed suit. There are now more than 130 100-mile ultramarathon races in the United States alone. Skeptics have raised the same objections about money and purity. on 14 Apr 2014
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Shoes for the lazy

Vibrating 'satnav' footwear means that you'll NEVER get lost again. on 14 Apr 2014
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A women's only 50km race - must be something in the air...

While most ladies were busy with other things, 250 of the country’s tough women runners took part in the 3rd All Women Ultra Marathon (Awum) in the wee hours of March 8-9, in Cebu City. on 14 Apr 2014
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Life is Going to Kill You

Whenever a new study comes out that links running to heart disease, bone loss, death, or whatever else may generate headlines and web traffic, people email them to me, or tell me with a concerned tilt of the head and a hushed tone, “you know, running a lot is bad for you.” on 08 Apr 2014
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