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Recovering from an Ultra Marathon

What should you be doing to recover from an ultra? Follow our top tips to recovery!

Walking in Ultras – Soft or Essential?

Walking in an ultra isn’t soft – it could well save your race. Find out how best to use walking for your next ultra.

A Quick Guide to Staying Safe in the Mountains

Staying safe in the mountains was truly brought home to me this weekend as even though it’s the middle of winter, the threat of bushfires was loud and clear. I was running not far from the bush fires near Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains this weekend just gone. Even though I’d taken pretty much […]

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PEDs in Ultrarunning – Part Two

OK!… So part one fired a few people up yesterday and there were some excellent contributions on both our Facebook page, as well as on our website too. I refrained from saying anything yesterday as I didn’t want my personal opinions involved. I read Matt’s article thoroughly (twice) and I’ll be honest, I was certainly […]

The Art of Suffering (Successfully)

There’s a quote that does the rounds in endurance sports ‘pain is inevitable, suffering is optional‘. I would argue that suffering (successfully) is an essential part of our sport, which is, if we’re honest, a slightly perverse one. Many of you whom have run 100kms or 100 miles will know what I’m talking about. We experience […]

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Gear Review: Compressport On/Off Base Layer

As many of you know, through our Ultra168 Supporters Club, we now have an army of eager reviewers, willing to try their dab hand at testing some of the gear we get our hands on. This week, it’s the turn of Jason Williams, who tested the CompresSport On/Off Base Layer top, which we hear gives you […]

Gear Review: Blister Bomber

A few months ago we were given the chance to try yet some more anti-blister product, this time from the local operation of Blister Bomber. Now, given I have bullet-proof feet, the product was going to be of limited use for me, so we put out the call for some of Australia’s worst blister sufferers […]

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Eight tips for choosing the right running shoes

For most people (bar our barefoot running friends), a pair of running shoes is the most essential piece of gear you can buy. But do we need consider before we part our hard-earned cash? What are some of the important factors you should think about? While there are a whole range of things to think […]

Gear Review – Saucony Type A6 Running Shoes

Saucony what? I hear you cry! Are these some Type A personality shoes that will stop at nothing to have what they want from you? Far from it is the reality. They’re more like some velvety, silky chocolate that slides onto your foot like a glove. So here’s the story… I stumbled upon these shoes […]